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Above: Video of the CATS system in action at the factory

Right: Photo of both the cryotong gripper (right) and the SPINE vial gripper

Below: The first of the 4 LS-CAT robots in the IRELEC assembly area

Robotic Systems Planned for LS-CAT

The Cryogenic Automated Transfer System (CATS)1 is the latest generation of sample transfer robot. The CATS uses a Stäubli industrial robot with interchangeable grippers allowing the use of SPINE, ALS, or Rigaku pucks. Additionally, other tools such as cyrstallization plate holders and the like are feasible.

LS-CAT uses four CATS robots from IRELEC, one for each experimental enclosure. Each of the robots is equipped for both SPINE and Cryotong (Rigaku/ACTOR style mounts) grippers to provide the greatest flexibility for our users.

1J. Ohana et al., J. Appl. Cryst. (2004) 37, 72-77