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Robot Supplies

Be sure to look at the crystal mounting page for some tips on packing your shipping dewar.

Universal Puck (Uni-Puck) Sample Mounting System

The Universal V1-Puck (Unipuck) is a sample pin storage and shipping container for use with the automated sample mounting systems worldwide - includes ALS, Dimond, ESRF, NSLS-II, SLS, and SSRL.

Compatible with the CX100 and CXR100 dry shippers.

It is recommended that for groups just starting with the Uni-Puck system to purchase a starter kit. When specifing, request customized ID-numbering and 2D barcode.

Starter KitCustomized ID-number and 2D Barcode
Molecular Dimensions Starter Kits MD7-600
Mitegen Starter Kits