Life Sciences Collaborative Access Team

9700 S. Cass Ave, Bldg 436A
Argonne, IL 60439
Main Office:    630-252-0222
21-ID-D:    630-343-6851 21-ID-E:    630-343-6852
21-ID-F:    630-343-6853 21-ID-G:    630-343-6854

Industrial Users at LS-CAT

LS-CAT provides beamtime to industrial users through two separate programs:

  1. The APS General User Program
  2. LS-CAT directly as an Associate CAT Member. Please contact Spencer Anderson ( for more information.

Note that LS-CAT provides data analysis software licensed for academic use. Commercial use of this software is possible only if covered by your own license agreement.

The APS is currently in the midst of beamline upgrades. In the interim, LS-CAT currently provides data collection services in coordination with other beamlines. Please refer to the "Dark Period Data Collection Dates" on the main page for details.