Life Sciences Collaborative Access Team

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LS-CAT Data Retention Policy

We make a good faith effort to keep your data on hand either spinning on our disks or archived to tape. However, we make no promises and it is in your best interests to make your own arrangements for the long term storage of your data. Here is what we try to do:

  • Non-proprietary data:
    • On Disk: 1 month
    • On Tape: 3 months
  • Proprietary data:
    • On Disk: 1 week
    • On Tape: (proprietary data are not saved to tape)

Usually we do much better than this so if you are missing some data be sure to ask your staff contact to check to see if we still have it.

Sometimes we do not achieve these goals due to hardware problems, software bugs, or lack of storage capacity. In this case you'll need to search your own archives for your data.

Note that our old on-line data viewer will show all entries even if the data are achieved to tape or have been completely deleted. However, we can only display files that are still on disk or have been restored from tape.